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Why choose InSpeech Medical?

InSpeech Medical is a tried and tested solution with years of implementation in the highly demanding field of medical digital applications, with unbeatable potential and possibilities for customisation according to the needs of our customers as well as continuous research and development, with a view to continuous improvement in the services offered.

Does it recognise specialised terminology and how easily is it trained in new terminology?

A huge amount of data has already been input into the Inspeech Medical system to enrich the vocabulary in specialised terms and if required, after having the system performance go through quality control inspection and according to the needs of our customers, we introduce specialised vocabulary.

Does using the InSpeech Medical system require specialised computer knowledge?

The architecture of the system allows its operation even by users with minimal computer knowledge by executing just two commands.

How easily does it work with other programs/apps?

After the installation of the Inspeech Medical system, the user has the ability to print the text in most widely used editors (text writers) without requiring additional settings.

How secure is its application?

Our customer data is encrypted and is only available to registered users. Each user entry, as well as the tasks he performs each time, are uniquely recognised by the system (authentication).

What devices is the system application compatible with?

The system application can only be used in a Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 environment and requires a microphone (built-in or not) as well as an internet connection. Alternatively, for users who choose to use the online platform, any mobile, computer or tablet with an internet connection and a built-in or non-built-in microphone is sufficient.

Where can I turn to for technical issues?

Please contact our customer service department on 210-7540425 and 210-7540418 as well as by e-mail at info@inspeech.gr

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