InSpeech Medical
InSpeech Medical
In house
3 licenses minimum supply number
Inhouse installation of the system
Program benefits

Provision of a server for the needs of the system

Access via web platform

Provision and installation of Inspeech Medical application

Live Decoding

File Decoding

Unlimited number of opinions

Continuous system training

Support and maintenance services for one year

System capabilities

Installation of the system in an appropriately configured space, which meets the
specifications of technical proficiency and security of information systems.



Text formatting with audio commands (eg paragraph, period, parenthesis, etc.).



It provides complete independence & autonomy to users in terms of creation, management and editing audio/text medical opinions.



Management system for special concepts (eg foreign words, contractions, units of measurement, etc.).



Automatic correction of errors during speech, thanks to its operating parameters, considering the context.



Allows text formatting with audio commands (eg paragraph, period, parenthesis etc.).


Continuous upgrade of the speech recognition engine by specialized engineers.



Each user will be uniquely identified by the system (authentication) and many authenticated users will be able to use the system.


System Security: Data is encrypted and only allowed to be used by
authorized users.


Possibility of entering texts by the user for specialized opinions.


Ability to introduce new terminology by the user.



By using the application it is possible to directly create or edit text templates in a wide variety of copywriters.



The system is trained for personalized speech recognition, based on its timbre
speaker's voice.

Immediate (within 2 hours) correction of all problems, whether due to hardware
or in software.

Continuous training of the system in specialized medical terminology.

Telephone support from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 and Saturday from


Error correction for each user individually based on the way of speaking.

Installation and configuration of InSpeech application based on the client's needs


Operating system Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 64bit and x64-
based processor

Memory RAM: 4GB minimum.

The use of the platform requires the existence of at least one of the following browsers: Firefox
Mozilla, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

The platform can decode audio files in wav and mp3 format.

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